Old World Annie’s

I started my sewing, crafty career when I was about 7. We lived in rural Montana, not somewhere you could just go to the store for things. I got an Easy Bake oven and a Holly Hobby sewing machine as gifts from my grandparents. I remember sewing Barbie clothes, doll clothes, and cute things for my poor dog. I made that dog wear crazy stuff… good memories. I really wasn’t very good with the sewing machine, so I used lots of paste (flour and water) and small bits of fabric to fix the holes that were not sewn. As soon as I started getting better, I broke the only needle I had. Of course I was super bummed, and being a hyperactive child I was not patiently waiting until we drove to a town that had the needle for my little sewing machine. It felt like years before I got a new needle. I even ended up with a weaving loom on that trip as well. I guess they didn’t want me getting bored. Every year for Christmas after that, I received some kind of craft kits from my Gramma. She is gone now, but she passed on so much knowledge and inspired my artistic nature. Now I do what I love everyday, repurpose, recycle, create and beautify.